Akifix was born in 1992

by an intuition of the President Andrea Marinelli, who initially decides to undertake a business activity already started based on a single product: the nylon anchor, which later became the symbol and logo of the company.

The intense work, the great attention to quality and the ability to success lead the company’s founder at a very rapid growth: after two years of its foundation several new products are inserted in the catalog and new larger premises become necessary due to the big increase of the staff.

The year 2000 represents a milestone in the success of Akifix:

The year 2000 represents a milestone in the success of Akifix: the brand, now undisputed leader in Italy, begins to enter the European markets. Akifix, a pioneer in its sector, outsources some strategic production in the Far East and starts some joint ventures, thus becoming more competitive.

The pace of growth is dizzying, the turnover increases by 15-20% per year and in 2006 begins the construction of the new Akifix headquarters in Monsano (AN) that finally identifies the group as a leader.

In 2011, the new headquarters are completed: a central warehouse of 4500m ², three warehouses satellites of 1000m ² each, offices and showroom for a total of 200m².

At the same time, major investments are made in the trade environment to create a network of 20 local sales representatives, human resources directly employed involved exclusively in the Italian market. Thanks to the attendance to the most important trade fairs in Europe, the company began to establish themselves in France, Spain and Greece and throughout the Balkans, reaching the coveted milestone of 20 million euro turnover.

In 2007 the company obtained the important ISO9001 certification and begins the ambitious project of Andrea Marinelli aimed at creating a group of companies related to Akifix.

In 2007

ITP®, skilled in the production and sale of false ceilings, coatings, systems for room acoustic correction and passive fire protection.

In 2011

Placafix, a small Akifix in Iberian territory.

In 2016

the experience of Akifix dedicated to the world of hardware.

In 2013 Akifix S.p.A.

reaches and exceeds the ambitious target of 28 million Euros which, added to the sales of the various satellite booming companies, bring the whole group to realize the significant result of 40 million Euros of the total turnover., creating innovative products, thus diversifying the offer in a transversal way.