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You will find many videos about Akifix® products, their features and benefits they offer. The company is recognized as a leader in the sector thanks to a wide range of products, characterized by the perfect combination of technology and reliability, innovative design and functionality.

Research and innovation, the strong point of Akifix®

Akifix®, pioneering into the future since 1992.

Company Profile Akifix®

Akifix S.p.A.: leading company in the sector of fasteners-components for plasterboard and accessories for external insulation systems. Over the years, Akifix® has diversified its offer from traditional sectors - plasterboard and insulation - expanding to other market segments.

DORIKA®: the revolution panel

The revolutionary new access panel designed, patented and entirely produced by Akifix®.

JY®: the super-screw for drywall designed by Akifix®

The original drywall screw, the first quality in the world.

JY®: a successful brand for over 20 years

The original screw for drywall, first in the world for quality.

AKIFIX® STORE - showcase point of sale 2022

We present an in-depth tour that shows the full range of items in our Store.

AKIFIX® STORE: the world of plasterboard for professionals and do it yourself

Akifix® is proud to present Akifix® Store to the world of professionals, sector technicians and individuals: our first store! A 650 square meter facility to offer a complete experience to those who want to discover and purchase the vast selection of Akifix® items and related brands.

We introduce you the beating heart of Akifix®

The entire order chain, from collection from the customer, to transmission of the same to the computer system, and then moving on to picking, up to automatic wrapping, Akifix® warehouses are of the latest generation, guaranteeing the customer maximum service.

Assembly instructions for sheet metal access panels

Our tutorial for a quick and easy hatch assembly! Final result: perfect!

Assembly instructions for KWAL series access panels

Our tutorial for a quick and easy hatch assembly! Final result: perfect!

ALS - Magic Control

A.L.S. The epochal turning point in levelling. The fully automatic levelling system! An unprecedented turning point in the interior finishing sector.

Easier - Nylon Insulation Plug

THE NEW AKIFIX® SOLUTION FOR ETICS ANCHOR. Higher performances in an extremely compact product

Akifix® - Luxury Series

The Luxury series is the inevitable combination that Akifix® offers you by combining high quality of the product with an indisputable aesthetic beauty.

Akifix® - Lumen Panel

Akifix® presents Lumen Panel! The revolutionary hatch with integrated ultra-flat LED ceiling light!

GEOVITE: sets your ideas

It is a steel foundation screw pile to be screwed into the ground capable of supporting any type of construction in a stable and safe way.

Akifix® - Botole top di gamma

Scopri il top di gamma delle botole d'ispezione commercializzate da Akifix®!

Akifix® - Basic Magic Space

Following large requests on the market of access panels with a hinged door, Akifix® responds with a 100% reliable and aesthetically pleasing product.

Akifix® - The toplux access panel on support

Akifix® presents the most professional line of aluminum access panels with plasterboard door and sturdy frame, which does not flex.

Akifix® - The toplux access panel with click-clack

Akifix® presents the most professional line of aluminum access panels with plasterboard door and sturdy frame, which does not flex.

Akifix® - Rebel New Style

Discover Rebel New Style, the new DIY hatch ready in less than two minutes! From now on, fitting an oversized hatch is child's play.

Akifix® - Rebel New Style - DIY

With just 10 basic models of pre-assembled hatches, the RebelTM range gives the possibility to create over 6,000 combinations of oversized hatches, all in an incredible assembly time: less than two minutes.

Akifix® - Shark Profile

The Shark profile is a patented product by Akifix® to avoid the spinning and detachment of pieces of putty.

Akifix® - Board Lifter

Akifix® plate lifters are compact, easy to assemble and multi-position. Unique and wide range of plate lifters able to satisfy all the requests of even the most demanding market operators.

Akifix® - Easy Drill

The Easy DrillTM laser level is used to create plans in a practical and fast way. Thanks to the self-fixing suction cup on the wall, maximum stability is obtained during the leveling, marking and drilling phases, unlike normal laser levels that are easily subject to oscillation during manual wall leveling.

Akifix® - Ancorine

The most classic and best-selling of hollow ceiling masonry fixings. Its unique design studied by Akifix® guarantees total safety in anchoring.

Akifix® - Ferox

The FeroxTM inspection hatch definitively solves any aesthetic problem. FeroxTM is the geometrically perfect hatch with constant light, never out of square and without spinning. With FeroxTM the hatches become a piece of furniture.

Akifix® - Isolstarmax

Akifix® presents the Isolstarmax line, innovative products able to overcome these problems by offering various solutions for loads of any kind from mailbox to awnings.

Akifix® - Anchors challenge

The milestone of Akifix®. The first product invented and marketed by the company, is now produced in the ultra-modern factory in Monsano (AN).

Akifix® - Magic Space

Magic Space is a system that was created with the aim of safeguarding the space inside a building. Magic Space offers the possibility of creating a sort of internal box in a simple and fast way by projecting the dimensions of the frame into the rear bottom.