Quality and

The quality control processes systematization is essential for the consolidation of a big company.

Adapting the products to designers and endusers technical needs is necessary to guarantee unconditional trust in Akifix® S.p.A products, in order to be considered serious and reliable partners for any need.


ISO9001 is a voluntary regulation aimed at the continuous improvement of the company through the systematization and optimization of all corporate processes: business management, planning, commercial management, marketing, design, procurement and production are the main sectors affected by this legislation.

The ISO9001 certification is therefore a guarantee for our customers first of all on the products we supply but also on the administrative and commercial services that are supporting the sales service. The sales products follow a very complex and rigid process that controls all aspects from design, through the restrictive controls in acceptance, pre and post-production up to the services dedicated to after-sales.

Akifix® is certified ISO9001 since 2007.


Suspension components and fixing elements for buildings false ceilings

One of the most important regulations in the dry construction sector, EN 13964, establishes which are the requirements to be respected by all components of false ceiling. The aforementioned system is schematized as follows:

Akifix S.p.A. designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of false ceiling items. The catalogue items range is designed for every customer need. Each item is placed on the market with the CE marking in accordance with current legislation. Akifix® recommends that the entire ceiling system comes from a unique manufacturer, and, thanks to our guidelines, it is possible to guarantee excellent installation.

Mechanical connecting elements for plasterboard systems

EN14566 is a standard completely dedicated to plasterboard fixing systems. This regulation tests the flexural strength of the screw. Having a screw certified for plasterboard systems is synonymous of safety and reliability, because the weak point of the whole system is fixing. To increase the standards quality of our screws, in addition to the aforementioned legislation tests, we provide also tests for aging and screwing speed in our laboratory.

DOP performance declarations

On 1 July 2013, EU regulation 305/2011 for construction products, known as the CPR, came into force, repealing directive 89/106/EEC.
One of the main effects of this new regulation is the replacement of the CE declaration of Conformity with a new document called Declaration of Performance (DoP - Declaration of Performance), failing which it is illegal to market any CE marked product in Europe. To request a specific DoP of one of our products, send an email to [email protected] we will provide you with the required documentation.

EAD 040016-00-040
European technical guidelines for external thermal insulation systems with plaster

EAD 040016-00-0404 is a voluntary regulation drawn up by the European Community regarding external thermal insulation systems. It contains design information on the use of planned system according to the external conditions and instructions regarding execution. EAD 040016-00-0404 regulates fiberglass nets, an essential component in the construction of the thermal coat. CE certificates are issued following the European Community guidelines and through certified laboratories which certify the conformity of the product and the positive outcome of the tests. In particular, the tensile strength is tested.

EAD 330196-01-060
European technical guidelines for plastic anchors for external insulation systems

A fundamental element for the realization of the thermal coat is the anchor. The anchor has the task of supporting, together with the glue, the thermal coat. Akifix® products follow the EAD 330196-01-0604 standard: a specific guideline that establishes the basis for the evaluation of anchors in external insulation systems. The certification covers all the different types of structures, defined according to the letters: A concrete, B solid brick, C hollow brick, D lightened hollow brick, E cellular concrete. Through this standard, the anchor is tested for both its tensile and shear strength. It is also ensured that the thermal conductivity of the article does not compromise the thermal insulation of the coat.