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Our Brands

Akifix® was born from an intuition of its President Andrea Marinelli, who initially decided to undertake a business based on a single product: the nylon anchor, which will become later the symbol and logo of the company.

Company brand since 1992, Akifix® oval is the distinctive symbol in products packaging, synonymous of quality and reliability.

Akifix® brand is dedicated to fasteners and inspection panels world.

JY® is the original plasterboard screw brand. For over 20 years it has been synonymous of the highest quality, reliability and highest performance.

This brand was born from the idea of providing an emergency solution for heavy false ceilings that are subject to structural movements due to sismic or similar events.

The BDG - TOP LINE DRYWALL SCREWTM is dedicated to screws. Products are checked and certified throughout their production process, and tested to ensure the highest quality that has always distinguished Akifix® products®.

DorikaTM is the brand of new inspection panel born from the brilliant intuition of our research and development staff. 100% Made in Italy produced in Akifix® factories.®.

FeroxTM is Akifix®'s first lightest inspection panel. FeroxTM definitively solves any aesthetic problem, it is geometrically perfect with constant light, never out of square and without spinning.

HybridTM is the innovative brand of Akifix® inspection panel with strong anti-bending aluminum frame and perfect ABS door in natural white color.

RebelTMis the brand of most sensational inspection panel in Akifix® world: patented and unique because extensible and adjustable; with only 10 models of pre-assembled inspection panels you can create over 6,000 combinations of oversized inspection panels.

Magic Space® is the revolutionary furniture item with the great advantage of safeguarding space inside any building. Thanks to its distinctive design, it is the perfect aesthetic solution for optimizing unused spaces.

The ALSTM brand includes the fully automatic leveling system products: Akifix Leveling System. A turning point in the interior finishing sector.

Star Mesh® Akifix® brand is synonymous of quality in the external insulation sector for more than 10 years. We offer a range of first choice fiberglass meshes.

The products of the IsolstarmaxTM brand are the innovative solution to create load fixing points, offering products to be installed both on the already completed insulation layer (light loads) and during the laying of the external insulation system (heavy loads).

AXO® brand products are the secondary line of Akifix®, brand. They will be able to offer you the best quality/price relation.

AKPTM - AKIFIX POWER TOOLS is the brand of electric tools and battery tools specially designed by Akifix® for plasterboard and external insulation sector. Highly professional tools with an excellent value for money. Captivating brand and aesthetically perfect tools.

The AKLTM brand includes all precision instruments quality, sturdiness and versatility. They are designed and built specifically to be easily used on site.

Ceiling Star® is the Akifix® brand in lighting sector. For ceiling, wall, suspension and recessed plasterboard, it is an excellent lighting solution for any environment, from residential to commercial.

One of the lastest brands born in Akifix®, it is a steel foundation screw pile to be screwed into the ground capable to supporting, in a stable and safe way, any type of construction in relation to the geotechnical characteristics of the ground and the mechanical and geometric characteristics of the screw.

ITP®, specialized in the design, production and marketing of false ceilings, walls, cladding and building slabs with the specific function of providing advanced and reliable technological solutions for the building industry, environmental acoustic correction, fire protection and architectural interior.

BAUFLOOR® brand specialized in high performance SPC floors that follow the trends of Italian design without neglecting the need for quick and simple installation.

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