The historic brand of the company, in more than 20 years of activity has become synonymous of high quality products for the installation of plasterboard and false ceilings. The majority of the Group’s products are commercialized under the brand: from hanging systems to technical tools for installation. Today, this brand is recognized throughout Europe and around the Mediterranean basin as the undisputed leader in drywall-insulation.


The second logo for popularity in the family Akifix, the brand JY identifies various types of technical screws for the installation of false ceiling: from the classic double thread, to the high-low, until the drill bit and the teks. All products, where possible, are marked by the printing on the head of the letters JY and two half-arches, which make the product unique and absolutely traceable. The drywall screws JY are synonymous with reliability and performance at the highest levels. The distribution of this brand is shown by the fact that in Italy a drywall screw placed in three work comes from Akifix. All screws with brand JY are CE certified under the standard EN14566.


The brand identifies products with very high quality standards selected to ensure customer performance unchanged over time. The raw materials are subjected to strict selections before they can be used: the mechanical strength of glass fiber E-glass and the chemical properties of starches resistant to alkali agents are rigorously tested in the various stages of production. The glass fiber products have various applications in building sector and for this reason the items Starmesh have three principal applications: reinforced insulation systems,, reinforced cement plastering and reinforcing joints when laying plasterboard..


Cutting-edge design, attention to details and quality that has always characterized the family of products Akifix. These are the three main factors that distinguish this nuovo brand dedicato all’illuminotecnica. new brand dedicated to lighting. After years of product sales for the most common indoor lighting, Akifix wanted to give their customers a choice selection of lighting fixtures that can meet the taste and needs of the more sophisticated “tastes”.


Reliable laser systems for precision, accuracy, reliability, firmness. Full range for all needs of building interiors and exteriors, civil, industrial and naval building, all self-leveling, and provided with rechargeable batteries; they will be your best fellow workers in the solutions of alignments, levels, squares, uprightness and slopes!