:>>>NUE41002-15-15R / VACUUM CLEANER – FLEX



• Filter surface: 5.300 cm²

• Absorbed Power: 1.380W

• Max volume flow: 3.075 l/min

• Max vacuum: 178 mbar

• Container volume: 35 l

Suitable for all electrical tools prepared for dust vacuuming. It makes the air cleaner, free of dust and protects the operator’s health. Thanks to its high power, it can vacuum dust, dirt and chips, as well as liquids. Power is supplied to the electric tool via an electric socket built-into the vacuum cleaner. The simultaneous start-up of the vacuum cleaner and the tool saves energy and limits noise of the vacuum cleaner when it is on. Socket for electric tools up to 2.100 watt. With its filtering system, it meets the requirements of the category G of BIA. With a flat, plaited filter on the upper part of the vacuum cleaner. Patented cleaning system with vibrating filter. Electronic control of liquid level. Suitable for liquid vacuuming. Anti-static equipment. With delayed action disconnection. Electric cable 7,5 m. Big wheels for easy transport. The ø 32 mm, 4 m long suction pipe guarantees efficient suction and minimal resistance to draughts. Additional adaptor for ø 27 mm tube.

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